Father’s Day: Just Add Strippers

Shopping for Dad in Atlantic City can be hard. He has too many neckties, and you’re too old to fingerpaint him a hand lobster. So what do you do for that special dad? Just add strippers. As most men would tell you, a beautiful lady is nothing to scoff at, and why not give him a Father’s Day gift he won’t soon forget?  Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City provides adult entertainment to suit your every need.

Talk to Mom

Before you hire Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City performers, chat with your mom. Make sure she’s on board with your idea. Once you explain that, you can choose the type of performance and the level of nudity. It’s better to know what she is comfortable with ahead of time than to have her lose her mind when the girls arrive.

Plan the Day

Invite your dad’s man club for a barbecue, and let the Kitty Cat girls tend the bar and deliver cocktails. Later in the day, you can have them put on a show for the finale. Choose the girls’ attire based on your dad’s taste and likes. If he would prefer a little modesty, Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City can work that in with negligees and stripper outfits that are exotic yet tasteful.

If, on the other hand, your dad is fine with full nudity, Kitty Cat can set your event up with girls who let it all hang out tastefully. You set the parameters, and they do the work.

Location, Location, Location

While your home is your palace, and you can plan anything you want, you normally also need to make sure you have an area that is not open to the viewing of neighbors. If you want to have your dad’s day in another location, find out if there are regulations on adult entertainment and what those regulations include.

Talk to one of the coordinators at Kitty Cat Now while planning your Father’s Day surprise, and let them help you choose the perfect location. They know the ins and outs of most venues and can recommend the best place for a stress-free day.

Contact Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City today to discuss your dad’s special day. With adult entertainers in over 17 cities, we can bring the most beautiful, talented dancers to your dad and give him and his friends a day they will treasure forever.

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