Looking to Make Your Derby Party the Cat’s Meow?

Ah, derby races! Nothing is better than watching a finely trained, high-performance animal take center stage and do what God intended it to do. Have you ever felt something as exciting as the rush that comes from watching the horses make a break for it down the home stretch? Well, if you’ve worked with the girls from Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City, then of course you have. If not, it might be time for you to throw yourself a derby party and see for yourself!

Services for Those Who Are A Little Shy

While there is nothing more beautiful in this world than the human body, we understand that some people are a little intimidated or nervous around others that are naked.  If this is you, or any of your guests, Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City can help ease you into the world of appreciating the female body with nude and topless waitresses and bartenders. This is a great way to get your feet wet without having to jump right in.

When You’re Ready to “Kit” It Up A Notch

If you are comfortable with nudity or have hired adult entertainers before, then prepare yourself for the show of a lifetime. Not only do we provide a variety of party services like waitstaff and bartenders, but we also offer the best fantasy and erotic shows in the adult entertainment industry to date! Our attention to detail and ability to customize a routine on the fly ensure that every person in the room is left entranced as if we were dancing or performing only for them.

A derby party does not have to be a formal, uptight affair. The girls from Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City can help you loosen up your tie or help you let your hair down. There is nothing wrong with breaking tradition and turning your derby party into something that will be remembered for years to come! So, what are you waiting for? Contact Kitty Now today, and let’s see how we can help you scratch that itch left behind by stuffy, uptight derby parties from the days of old!

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