School’s Out for Summer: College Style Celebrations

School is finally out in Atlantic City , and it’s time to let off a little steam. Maybe this was your first or second year of school, or maybe this was the year you graduated. Regardless, it’s now time to celebrate the arrival of summer and a little bit of freedom.

Types of Parties

College and parties go hand in hand, and there are countless types and styles of parties that you could throw. There are classics like the luau, toga, and pajama parties, of course. There are also more modern party themes, which tend to change from one month to the next based on what’s popular at the moment. You can go simple, fancy, dressed up in costume, and just about everything in between.

The question you have to answer when you are putting together your celebration is what your friends are going to enjoy the most. The answer will vary based on who you want to invite to the party, of course, and how large you want the party to be.

Make It a Bit More Adult

While the above college party ideas are classic and shouldn’t be dismissed, you might want to have a more adult event. Hiring strippers from Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City for the party can be a great way to add that unique, sexy atmosphere you want. You will find that strippers as entertainment could work for many types of parties, too, including pool parties, poker parties, etc. They could put on a show or serve as topless waitresses.

What better way to send off your pals for the summer than to have a couple of strippers perform an erotic show for them? It’s going to be a party to remember, that’s for sure.

Where Are You Going to Hold the Party?

You do need to be careful about where you are going to throw the celebration, of course. Especially if you are going to go all out and hire a stripper for the party. Most schools won’t look too kindly if you were to do this in the dorms! Of course, if you are renting a private property, or if you have a vacation rental, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Take some time to check out all of the various available options. You might just have one girl come to perform a solo show, or you might want to go all out and have a show with two or three girls. Give us a call or Book Online today!

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