Send a Strip o Gram for Your Next Special Occasion

If you’re the type of person who likes to make things a little bit more exciting and spicy for your friends, sending a strip-o-gram is right up your alley. They are a lot of fun, and you can be sure that the recipient won’t forget them. Below are just a few of the types of occasions where a strip-o-gram might be appropriate.

Retirement Party

If you have a friend who is finally retiring, you want to do better than buy them a nice pen or watch. You want to give them the perfect send-off from their profession. A strip-o-gram is a retirement gift they are sure to appreciate.

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are big events when you turn 21 or older.  What do you get for someone who has everything? A strip-o-gram and lap dance sounds perfect. This is a perfect choice for friends, a boyfriend, a husband, etc.

Bachelor Party

Whether there will be strippers at the bachelor party or not doesn’t mean that you can’t get the groom-to-be a strip-o-gram. It’s their last hurrah, and there’s a chance they won’t get to hang out as much as they used to. Send them off the right way.

Cheering Up After a Breakup

Do you have a friend who just went through a breakup or divorce? While they might not be ready to go out and return to single life quite yet, you can give them a jumpstart with an unexpected strip-o-gram.

Of course, you do still need to consider just where you will be sending the strip-o-gram. You don’t want to send this gift to places where it’s going to be a problem. For example, don’t send the to your workplace in the middle of the day, your pastor on Sunday, or your grandparent’s anniversary party!

Make It Your Thing

Now that you can see just how fun and versatile a strip-o-gram can be, it’s time that you connected with Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City. They can provide a beautiful girl wearing a bikini or a costume to provide an unforgettable 15-minute lap dance to the person of your choice. Some of the types of costumes available include cops, firefighters, schoolgirls, and nurses, for example.

So, why not make this “your thing” when it comes to giving out gifts to friends for their special occasions? Everyone is sure to look forward to it.

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