Stay Indoors and Invite the Party to You with Kitty Cat Now

Summer is here and it’s hot out there. Unless you have your own private pool or access to the beach, chances are good you’re not really interested in spending too much time outside the house. Even going to the strip club is probably too much to contemplate.

We’ve got good news! With Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City, you can invite the party to come to you!

Bringing the Party to You: Exploring Your Options

You’ve got tons of options to beat the heat this summer and the Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City girls will help.

  1. Guy’s Day In – Instead of planning a guy’s night out, stay in instead! It’s not too hard to plan a great night. You’ll just need a few supplies:
  • Drinks: Get your libations of choice, including beer and whisky.
  • Smokes: If you and your friends enjoy a good cigar from time to time, now’s the time to stock that humidor.
  • Food: It’s hot out, so plan to pan-sear those steaks and toss the baked potatoes in the oven.
  • Girls: Come to Kitty Cat Now for all your stripping-related needs. We’ve got packages to fit any theme, budget, or group size.
  1. Pool Day – Have your own pool? Beat the heat with some friends, ice-cold beer, and a couple of our luscious ladies! Throw in some light food and you’ve got the makings of an incredible day.

Don’t have your own pool? No problem. Grab a couple of lounge chairs, a kiddie pool, and some squirt guns for a day of watery fun. The Kitty Cat Now girls will be happy to help make it a great event.

  1. Movie Day – Turn the lights down, pop some popcorn, and throw on your favorite movie, whether that’s The Godfather or the original Star Wars trilogy. We’ll also accept Indiana Jones, Rocky, and Braveheart as contenders.

When the movie’s over, it can lead right into a party night. Keep the lights down and break out the beer, and our incredible girls will join in to keep things lively and rocking for hours to come.

These are just three ideas to help you stay indoors and beat the heat this summer. There’s no reason to go to the club when you can bring the party right to you! And don’t forget that Kitty Cat Now has packages to fit any type of event, from pool parties to yacht outings, and everything in between.

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