Don’t Bring Sand To The Beach

Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City is renowned for making your ultimate Bachelor Party fantasy a reality. We have a myriad of exotic packages and options to keep you enthralled for hours! The possibilities are endless for an absolutely mesmerizing Erotic Adventure for you and your closest friends. We’re truly up for any wild idea you may want to incorporate into your Bachelor Party. However, there is one misstep that will inevitably derail your night faster than getting stuck in quicksand! We stand by the old homage: “Don’t bring sand to the beach.”
Which in this instance equates to Don’t bring random girls back to your Bachelor Party!

Passing Distractions

Don’t be tempted by the idea of partying with a Bachelorette party you ran into along the way.
If your goal at the end of the evening is to have two Sexy Strippers come over, for a Bachelor Party Strip Show you set up weeks ago. A random bachelorette party is going to derail the whole experience. Our sumptuous 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show is a wild escapade designed specifically for Bachelor Parties. A momentous occasion to share with the members of your party. Having a few outliers join you may not seem like a big deal but it completely throws the vibe off. What was supposed to be an intimate experience is now filled with interlopers, these strange girls that let’s be honest you’re never going to see again.

Cui Bono?

You must ask yourself who benefits from this situation and who is at the disadvantage. When you bring back random girls to your vacation rental they drink all your booze and carelessly hang around criticizing the Exotic Dancers you all have been waiting for the entire trip to see! What could’ve been a night filled with countless intimate Lap Dances is now awkward and uncomfortable. The show is designed for the intimate inner workings of a close-knit friend group, not random girls you met at the bars. You mustn’t forget the crowning glory of every Bachelor Party is Strippers to cap off your night! Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of that! It’s quite simple don’t create inner turmoil in your group. If a member of your party is insisting to invite them over you can certainly call them after the mesmerizing Strip Show. At Kitty Cat Now Atlantic City we want you to create memories you’ll remember forever. Bachelor Parties are the ultimate celebration and we truly want everything to go as smoothly as possible! Give us a call or Book Online today!

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